Lonely Kingdom, Dramatis Personae


Sorry for the silence, starting the semester blew a hole in a lot of my well laid plans. To recommence posting, I'm going to start putting my RPG groups (mis)adventure logs up on here. However, the campaign is a long form one, and so a lot of history has happened already. Let's start with the characters.

Dramatis Personae

In no particular order...


A possibly-more-than-half-orc fighter of fearsome strength, and beleaguered demeanor. He grew up in the underdark, and was happy to leave it behind. Led a gang of thieves for a while, and once cut someone in half on accident. Surprisingly often the voice of reason within the party.

Shiloh Xiloscient

An Elven Ranger, something of noble. Went in search of his brother Therabads missing corpse, and ended up joining this motley crew. Master of the bow and understatement... However, is not the sharpest arrow in the quiver.


A half elf Cleric of a different sort, who made a rather direct pact with his goddess, and now serves her cause. Like his patron The Lady of The Silver Path, Varis is tricky, occasionally deceitful, but good at heart. He has put the party back together more times than he'd care to remember.


A gnome bard, a master of the lute, an experienced traveler, and constant accompaniment to the party, Venus refers to herself in the third person, delights in music, butterflies, and chaos. She'd like you to know she's single.


An urchin, with his tiefling heritage gaining him few friends, Emrys was present at the fall of an empire. Taken in as a refugee child, he learned martial arts, if not faith, from the brotherhood. As a monk, Emrys is always pushing the limits of practicality and probability in his maneuvers.


A recent arrival, an elven artificer who decided to seek out the ancient dwarrow civilization far beneath the earth. The civilization is much more alive than he hoped, and he is endlessly fascinated by the technology of the dwarrow. May have a thing for strange and unusual eyes.


A human woman, who commands mental powers and keeps their cards close to their chest. Her eyes seem to flare different shades, depending on her mood. An employee of Padeen, and is not being paid enough for this.

Eirika Loratumal

An elf sorceress, with mismatched, ever changing eyes. Padeen's other employee, who is also not getting paid enough for this. Has a more positive attitude to the whole, being on an adventure aspect of her life than her compatriot.

Absent Characters

Characters whose players have had to be absent, due to the vagaries of life. May appear as NPCs, or be otherwised referenced.


A dwarven sorceress who'd rather have not had to deal with all this magic. More comfortable in front of a forge, but one of the few level heads within the party. (Absent for a season)


Therabad did not expect a second chance at life, and has now seized onto their blessed undeath with a vigor unsurpassed. Has been living his year and a day to the fullest, as the Elven Revenant rogue, in increasingly skimpy or tacky outfits. (Retired)


Sister of Ragg, a ranger who is always ready for action. Has decided that this whole saving the world thing can be done by someone else, wanting get back into running a gang and living in luxury thing, especially once it became clear that returning to the underdark was in the cards. (Retired)

The Crew is Assembled

These are all the PCs for my college game of the past year or so. The game itself is in fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons, with a homebrew setting tentatively called The Lonely Kingdom. This is its third major story arc. The next posts will be a log of the parties first session of misdaventures in the unsought deeps.

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