Beasts And Their Contents

Blows dust off the old blog

It's been a bit. I've done a number of RPG related things, and will continue to do more. Whether I'll return to publishing regularly is another matter. I'd personally love to, but the time and headspace required can be hard to find. All that aside, I have a prompt to answer.

Grave Crab

The Grave Crab waits in paupers graves and ill-frequented cemeteries. In a hollow of spittle reinforced dirt, it holds itself pressed to the ceiling. Two eyestalks, pale green with white puffball eyes thread through the last few inches of dirt, and bob in the breeze. They look like dandelions, or stalks of grass if the grab squints them down into their hollow stalks.

They are waiting for visitors, and they wait for years at a time.

They want a group, three or more humanoids. They won't come out for less, and only one crab ever emerges at a time, no matter how many are watching. If a likely group appears, the crab sunders it's shell and lurches upwards, into the light. It stands on six thin legs, and in better appointed graves will often have a distended coffin for a shell. If not, their exposed form is an unpleasantly soft, and wrapped in a burial shroud.

Their crab claws are tucked underneath them, and they scuttle around a group, claws flicking outward from their underside, launching bur-like pods at anything that walks on two legs. They try to strike anyone present at least once, and then go running off in the direction their targets came from. Within a day, they will fall down dead.

Those struck by the pods find the needle like spikes have barbs and hollow channels. If the flesh is pierced, and not immediately treated with a strong disinfectant, the larvae injected from the pod will permeate the bloodstream, and make their way towards the marrow. It aches, and sometimes leaves lumps under the skin that one can feel, but does no harm to the living body.

A brief, bewildering encounter, and the crab is gone.



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